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Established in 2011, Blue Ocean Properties is a leading real estate company in the Gambia real estate market, offering high-quality home ownership properties at an attainable rate. Here at Blue Ocean Properties, we believe that a harmonious work environment is critical for success in the Gambia real estate industry. That’s why we maintain a full-time team of well-trained Gambian real estate professionals who continuously strive to provide top-quality services to all of our clients. Our highly skilled staff are dedicated to the services we offer in the Gambia real estate market and work towards developing the Blue Ocean Properties brand. We aim to establish long-term client relationships, which is accomplished by always prioritising our client's best interests. If you need help when it comes to looking at properties for sale or rent in the Gambia real estate market, you’ve come to the right place with Blue Ocean Properties.

"We specialise in the Gambia Real Estate. This includes developments, marketing and selling of residential housing estates in prime locations within the Kombo District.

Our mission at Blue Ocean Properties is to provide clients with exemplary homes that are affordable, thereby improving living standards. We also aim to give partners and clients valuable real estate advice and to provide employees with exceptional opportunities for personal and professional development."

Why Choose Blue Ocean Properties?


Expert Knowledge

We pride ourselves on providing professional and first-rate service to all customers, so you can trust us when you’re looking for Gambia Real Estate.


Top-Quality Service

We maintain a team of well-trained professionals who specialise in Gambia Real Estate. Our team continuously strive to provide top-quality service to all our clients. 


Property Options

Blue Ocean Properties gives you the opportunity to invest in a complete house, buy an empty plot of land or reside in one of our stunning rentals.



We specialise in the Gambia Real Estate. This includes developments, marketing and selling of residential housing estates in prime locations within the Kombo District.

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