Tranquil Residence

The Traquil properties are located 5 minutes walk from the Bijilo beach and 2 minutes walk from the costal highway, The Gambia.


Land Mortgaging

The aim of this is to make owing a property a realistic oppurtunity to
the average Gambian by creating a mortgaging scheme, where the
purchase of a piece of land is spread over 60 months. Service
such as water, electricity and internal roads are put in place
over the five year period.

Kerr Serign Bungalows II

Our Kerr Serign Bungalows 2 project is a boutique residential development in the centre of Kerr Serign with easy access to the Coastal road at Sukuta and Bijilo.

The houses are modern, finished to the highest quality and boast garden & parking space.


Land Sales

These are for our well-heeled clients that are looking to start building
immediately and can afford to purchase a piece of land outright or in a shorter
period with service as such as water and electricity already available.

Bijilo Residence

The housing development is located in the heart of Bijilo right on the main road linking Bijilo and Sukuta. 



 We currently have properties for rent all over western Gambia. We have a mix of offices, residential houses, apartments and stores.


Statement By The CEO

The mission of Blue Ocean Properties is to be the most successful real estate firm in The Gambia by selling cost effective properties while maintaining the highest level of service.

The company specialises in the development, marketing and selling of boutique residential housing estates in in-demand  locations in the Kombo District of The Gambia. Blue Ocean Properties maintains a full-time admin staff of well-trained real estate professionals who continually strive to provide top quality service to all our clients.


Abubakar Bensouda